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Trousers stone wash. The large hip with 3 folds front and 2 pockets in back, accentuates the originality of the patinated effect of the "stone wash". Ikitabis associate with Coba or Ballerina for comfort and lightness. 100% Cotton.

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These large harem pants revisited by the Japanese designer Chikako Inoue, worn with Japanese Ikitabi shoes in pure Japanese style. Very comfortable to wear thanks to the fine cotton fabric. 100% cotton. Warning: There remains only in white!

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Broad shouldered shirt, transparent sleeves with glitter and embossed velvet; mixed feminin/masculin style. Pure Trazita inspiration! Wear with black pants and black leather Japanese Ikitabi boots. Absolute chic. 100% cotton, sleeve 100% polyester

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Very simple Japanese pants with pretty  Japanese-style pockets  by Trazita. Essential for your collection of Japanese clothes. 100% linen

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Spats revisited by Trazita, elegant and sophisticated, can be worn with European and Japanese clothes over Japanese shoes. 100% cotton. S/calf round 31 cm, M/calf round 34 cm, L/calf round37cm,

56,00 € 33,60 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items