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Commonly worn in Asia, 5-finger socks reduce friction and the accumulation of dirt and moisture between the toes, responsible for bad odors. For a pleasant feeling of feet cleaner and cooler! 100% cotton

10,00 €

Japanese bamboo sandals and car tire (so very solid!). They are made by hand in Japan.3 sizes: 37, 41, 43.

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These Waraji are made of bamboo, so very solid! The Japanese wear them with 5-toe socks.3 sizes: 37 (red strap), 41 and 44 (blue strap).

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Wear this Rajastani anklet in Geta or geisha with a pretty ballerina Ikitabi opposition. It will accompany your swimwear all summer!

15,00 €

Japanese geta made of Paulownias wood and Kyoto crepe in polyester. Pleasant to wear and they go with all styles. Length of base; 24,5cm (36-38), 25,5cm (39-40). Width of base; front 9cm, back 8,5cm. Height of heels; 6,5cm.  

70,00 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items