Lace scarf in baby alpaca


A 100% baby alpaca wool lace scarf for a 100% feminine look!
Sweet and hot.
100% baby alpaca

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The ankle boot version of the Ikitabi shoes, in cotton cloth, with the separated toe. Wear it with a traditional kimono, or European clothes for a multicultural look. Cotton lining, stitched and glued rubber sole. Closure at the back of the ankle with 3 Kohaze hooks. How to wear Ikitabi :...

75,00 €

Japanese creation of Ikitabi, indigo color, elegant and easy to wear. At your feet, Japanese fashion combines chic to the comfort (do not forget the split toe socks). Cotton lining, rubber sole, stitched and glued. Closure Kohaze x12 hooks, height 31cm. How to wear Ikitabi :...

140,00 €

Japanese Ikitabi leather boots, with the separated toe. Wear it with some Japanese baggy pants, the Nikka, and the appropriate tabi socks, with the separated toe. Cotton lining, stitched and glued rubber sole. Closure at the back of the leg with 12 Kohaze hooks. Height: 31cm How to wear Ikitabi...

140,00 €

Thoses shoes, with their tabi-like, seperated toe, and their ballerina shape, is the result of the meeting of Japanese and European cultures. Made of leather, they are very supple and feel comfortable and light. They will be the perfect shoes to follow you on the dancefloor all night!

90,00 €

This seamless tunic is embellished with snaps for a random draped effect: Wear buttoned or not, to create your own style according to your desires ...Available in black, dark blue and nude. Pants are also available.Composition: 100% Viscose Chest (snaps closed): 92cm / Width : 63cm / Length : 84cm

68,00 €

They have paulownia wooden soles. These traditional Japanese shoes are the equivalent of European clogs.Healthy for the feet and very comfortable to wear in the summer. The heel can protrude at the back up to 2cm of base. M: 26.5cm of base =size: 39 to 42     L: 27.5cm of base =size: 42 to 44

68,00 €