Lace scarf in baby alpaca


A 100% baby alpaca wool lace scarf for a 100% feminine look!
Sweet and hot.
100% baby alpaca

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Japanese creation of Ikitabi, indigo color, elegant and easy to wear. At your feet, Japanese fashion combines chic to the comfort (do not forget the split toe socks). Cotton lining, rubber sole, stitched and glued. Closure Kohaze x12 hooks, height 31cm. How to wear Ikitabi :...

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Rush in to try (and bRush to try (and buy) this new model Ikitabi two-color!Long meditated and finally materialized in 2016. Cotton lining, rubber outsole stitched and glued. Closure at the back of the leg by a series of 12 Kohaze hooks. Height: 31 cm. How to wear Ikitabi :...

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This tight hooded cape - hood is a Trazita exclusive and one of its masterpieces for this winter.Very original, it will transform you into a Japanese cartoon character.100% hand knitted alpaca in Peru.

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An accessory that is elegant and warm, made of 100% baby alpaca and 100% feminine wool lace!100% baby alpaca

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Beautiful 100% baby alpaca wool and 100% feminine! 100% baby alpaca The mannequin height is 178cm.

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Japanese Ikitabi leather boots, with the separated toe. Wear it with some Japanese baggy pants, the Nikka, and the appropriate tabi socks, with the separated toe. Cotton lining, stitched and glued rubber sole. Closure at the back of the leg with 12 Kohaze hooks. Height: 31cm How to wear Ikitabi...

140,00 €