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Originally, SAMUE is the working garment of Zen Buddhist Japanese monks, worn when one is engaged in a samu. Good beginning to be Zen! 100% cotton

105,00 €

Haori (kimono jacket) traditional brown silk.To wear loose, with Western clothes for a multicultural look. Each haori is reversible and presents unique motifs in its reverse (photos sent to the order for the choice of the motif).100% silk. Unique size.

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This waistcoat is made entirely from obi silk belt. The discreet brilliance of the fabric and its masculine shape gives a chic European sophistication as well as Japanese refinement; interesting to accessorize with Ikitabi ninja boots (do not forget the split-toe socks). Unisex, 100% Japanese silk

132,00 €

Traditional black silk haori (kimono jacket). Wear it loose with western clothes for a multicultural look.  Each haori is reversible and has unique patterns in its lining (You will be sent photos in order to choose the pattern after you complete your order). 100% silk. One-size.

250,00 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items