Backless "Japanese Emperor"


Top halter, with an exclusive print designed by Trazita on the occasion of the advent of the new Emperor of Japan to be held this year. Extracts of Japanese newspapers, official portraits and folkloric motifs mingle happily.
Also exists in T-shirt.
Composition: 90% Viscose, 10% lycra

Chest (stretchy)/  S: 68cm M: 72cm
Waist / S: 74cm M: 83cm

48,00 €

Japanese Ikitabi leather boots, with the separated toe. Wear it with some Japanese baggy pants, the Nikka, and the appropriate tabi socks, with the separated toe. Cotton lining, stitched and glued rubber sole. Closure at the back of the leg with 12 Kohaze hooks. Height: 31cm How to wear Ikitabi :...

140,00 €

Japanese split-toe Boots, IKITABI, Jikatabi in canvas, match with our Japanese clothing collection, pants, skirts and dresses even with traditional kimono. Japanese fashion on your feet (do not forget the split toe socks) lining  100% cotton, rubber soles stitched and glued, japanese fastening...

75,00 €

Traditional black silk haori (kimono jacket). Wear it loose with western clothes for a multicultural look.  Each haori is reversible and has unique patterns in its lining. The pictures sent to the order for the choice of the pattern. 100% silk. Free-size.

150,00 €

Traditional summer haori (kimono jacket). Wear it loose with western clothes for a multicultural look. Piece unique and vintage. One-size.

80,00 €
Available different options

This autumn, the new Nikka pants come back with an ultra-refined detail and more: the interior is lined with a Japanese print that is also found on the single wide belt loop in the middle of the back. In a fine and very flexible wool, 20% wool, 40% viscose, 20% polyester. There are 3 lengths,...

128,00 €

A new cut for a harem pants, more streamlined and chic.With its unique tilted and buttoned pliers at the front, this model revisits the pleated trousers with originality and elegance.In soft and satin fabric 100% cotton.

98,00 € 78,40 €
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