Trazita's flagship skirt, inspired by the traditional Japanese trousers Hakama worn by the Samurai, its large wide pleats give it a lot of character.

Made of fine corduroy 100% cotton.

Exist in 2 lengths (the one of photo is short, model of 178cm).

Short; 75cm

Long; 85cm

The size is changeable with the buttons on the waist to +7cm

95,00 €

Japanese creation of Ikitabi, indigo color, elegant and easy to wear. At your feet, Japanese fashion combines chic to the comfort (do not forget the split toe socks). Cotton lining, rubber sole, stitched and glued. Closure Kohaze x12 hooks, height 31cm. How to wear Ikitabi :...

140,00 €
Available different options

Japanese Ikitabi leather boots, with the separated toe. With their garnet tint, they will be the perfect shoes to accompany you! Wear it with some Japanese baggy pants Nikka, and the appropriate tabi socks, with the separated toe. Cotton lining, stitched and glued rubber sole. Closure at the back...

140,00 €