Jodhpur pants piping


Japanese Jodhpur pants worn by construction workers is revisited by Trazita-Japanese design. The hips are underlined by a piping.

100% cotton.

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Japanese split-toe ankle Boots, IKITABI, Jikatabi In leather, match with traditional kimono, japanese or european clothes, pants , skirts and dresses, Japanese fashion on your feet (do not forget the split toe socks), lining 100% cotton, rubber soles stitched and glued, fastening: hooks x 3...

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Japanese split-toe Boots, IKITABI, Jikatabi in canvas, match with our Japanese clothing collection, pants, skirts and dresses even with traditional kimono. Japanese fashion on your feet (do not forget the split toe socks) lining  100% cotton, rubber soles stitched and glued, japanese fastening...

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Simple and elegant T-shirt, volume and flexibility of the fabric offers a perfect comfort. Wear with a Japanese pants and Obi ballerinas Ikitabi for a great Japanese-style chic. Free Size, 100% viscose

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This top is inspired neckline of the kimono. Complete with pants Ikitabis for a new Parisian image. Textile mix : Silk, viscose, Doublure : cotton.

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They have paulownia wooden soles. These traditional Japanese shoes are the equivalent of European clogs.Healthy for the feet and very comfortable to wear in the summer. The heel can protrude at the back up to 2cm of base. M: 26.5cm of base =size: 39 to 42     L: 27.5cm of base =size: 42 to 44

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Japanese geta made of Paulownias wood and Kyoto crepe in polyester. Pleasant to wear and looks good with all styles. Traditionally these GetAs does not wear adjusted: your heel can overflow a little back (commonly up to 2cm). Length of base; 24,5cm, Height of heels; 5cm.

68,00 €