Silk wave stole


Stole inspiration Wave Origami (Japanese folding), pinch and tied by hand.

Care: dry clean in high care. 100% silk habutaé

185,00 € 129,50 €

  • Material Composition 100% silk
  • collection SS 2018
  • Département Femme
  • Taille Écharpes 185cm X 53cm
  • Vetement Type matière extérieure Silk
  • Vetement Type matière intérieure soie
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Japanese satchel "Randoseru" used by Japanese school children for 6 years in Japan. Can be worn with Japanese or European clothes, gives a child's longing for Japanese style. Japanese high quality guaranteed. H 33cm x W 25cm x D 17cm. Simili leather, mark "PIMA", check picture.

170,00 €
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Japanese Ikitabi leather boots, with the separated toe. With their garnet tint, they will be the perfect shoes to accompany you! Wear it with some Japanese baggy pants Nikka, and the appropriate tabi socks, with the separated toe. Cotton lining, stitched and glued rubber sole. Closure at the back...

140,00 €

Rush in to try (and bRush to try (and buy) this new model Ikitabi two-color!Long meditated and finally materialized in 2016. Cotton lining, rubber outsole stitched and glued. Closure at the back of the leg by a series of 12 Kohaze hooks. Height: 31 cm. How to wear Ikitabi :...

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Long dress with camellia pattern recoved from vintage kimono. Elegant floral appearance in the Japanese style! The integrated sleeves make it an original accessory.Kimono sleeves included, 100% cotton.

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